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Aum Namah Shivaay woods and beads mala with 2 layer

Aum Namah Shivaay woods and beads mala with 2 layer

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  • Material type : Beads
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  • Occasion type : Casual & Party wear
  • Item type name : Fashion Jewelry
  • Country of Origin : India

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    mantra, a revered chant that pays homage to Lord Shiva. The mantra is believed to bring blessings, protection, and inner peace. 2-Layer Design: The necklace boasts a thoughtful two-layer design, with the mantra pendant serving as the focal point. The layers consist of wooden beads interspersed with complementary beads, such as glass, crystal, or metal, creating a harmonious and spiritually charged composition. Adjustable Length: With an adjustable clasp, you can customize the length of this mala to suit your preferred style. Wear it close to your heart as a reminder of your spiritual journey or let it hang gracefully as a statement piece. Spiritual Significance: This "Aum Namah Shivaay" woods and beads mala serves as a powerful tool for meditation, prayer, and mindfulness. It's a tangible expression of devotion and an invitation to connect with the divine. Care Instructions: To preserve the spiritual and aesthetic value of your mala, handle it with care and avoid exposure to excessive moisture or direct sunlight. Gently wipe with a soft, dry cloth after each use to maintain its natural and spiritual essence. Package Includes: 1 x "Aum Namah Shivaay" Woods and Beads Mala - 2 Layer Embark on a Spiritual Journey: Embrace the sacred energy of "Aum Namah Shivaay" and the grounding power of natural wood with this 2-layer mala. Whether you're seeking inner peace, spiritual connection, or simply a meaningful accessory, this mala invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and devotion.

    DESCRIPTION : Immerse yourself in spiritual serenity with this "Aum Namah Shivaay" woods and beads mala, thoughtfully designed with a 2-layer arrangement. This sacred necklace seamlessly combines the calming essence of natural wood with the profound significance of the mantra "Aum Namah Shivaay," creating a powerful and spiritually enriching accessory.

    Wooden Beads: This mala is adorned with round wooden beads, a symbol of grounding and tranquility. The natural hues and grain patterns of the wood beads evoke a sense of peace and connection to the Earth. Aum Namah Shivaay Mantra: The mala features a beautifully carved or engraved pendant or charm with the "Aum Namah Shivaay"

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